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Victor is a special little boy, who we helped last year during his long stay in the hospital and after he got home.  The doctors marveled at his recovery and pronounced him cancer free.  Unfortunately, his cancer has returned and is too aggressive to allow any hope for recovery.  We, at SAVE Protect Foundation, have arranged for him to have his special wish come true.  He wants to ride on a train. Please come and give the family moral support, as Victor takes off from Virginia City, NV on his all-day adventure on the V&T Railroad.. If you are unable to attend, please look in your heart and make a donation to help the family with Victor's funeral and burial arrangements.

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Gifts of love


Each Christmas, SAVE Protect helps bring joy to families who wouldn't, otherwise, be able to afford Christmas trees, food and gifts.

V & T Train Station, Virginia City, NV                Saturday, June 10th, 7:30​ am


Take care of our own

SAVE Protect delivers food and basic needs to those who are suffering due to extenuating circumstances, such as disabled veterans, flood victims & the elderly    

Please Come and Support Victor and His Family

SAVE the little Angels


SAVE Protect is dedicated to helping families of children with cancer, or other critical conditions, with bills and expenses during this difficult time.

UPDATE:   We are so sorry to report that Victor's cancer has come back extremely aggressively. 

as he gets his WISH