Victor was only four years old when his parents learned that he had cancer.  The constant procedures, the nonstop traveling back and forth and all the expenses involved, along with their usual household expenses, became overwhelming to his family.

When we, at SAVE Protect Foundation, found out about Victor, we committed to helping him and his family.  We were able to help the family with their delinquent mortgage and bills, clothing, special items Victor required, and we delivered lots and lots of groceries to them.  Thank you so much to everyone who donated to the family for your kindness and generosity.

​After about a year in the hospital, Victor was, finally, released and was able to go home.  He began receiving radiation treatments, and the doctor's said his cancer had decreased by 40%!

Please Help Victor's family with his "final expenses".

Victor's Family Can Still Use Your Support


especially with funeral and burial expenses

victor & his family


Good morning… I just wanted to show you some pictures. Victor has asked over and over for the past year to go to school and obviously we never could so on Monday I called the school and asked if he can come and experience school. We got to go ...and he went into Mrs. Rex's class and he had his own desk with his name on it, got to have recess and do art , singing, reading all kinds of fun stuff. [❤] ️ [❤] ️​

After months of radiation treatment​, Victor was declared cancer free!  

Everyone was elated, but the joy was short-lived. Victor's cancer returned in a much more aggressive form, and he was only given a few weeks to live.  The doctors estimated that he would only live until the beginning of July 2017.

Victor spent time with family and did things he really wanted to do, as his health would allow.  

His most desired wish was to ride on a train.  He loved Thomas, the Tank Engine and any kind of train.  We, at SAVE Protect Foundation, partnered with V&T Railroad to make Victor's last wish come true! 

Victor spent a special day with his family on the  V&T Railroad train on June 10th, 2017.  He got to spend time with the engineer and fire squad and sit in the conductor's seat!  He had a fantastic time, and his family made wonderful memories to last a lifetime!

Victor was able to have a bonus train ride on a steam engine before he passed away.  He died at home on July 9th, 2017.  Thank you, everyone who has helped support little Victor and his family!  Your donations, your moral support, and your prayers are all greatly appreciated.


Victor and his Beads of Courage

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