Each community supports the veterans and elderly in that community; we depend, solely, on donations from the community to give aid to the suffering and forgotten. Local Safeway and WalMart stores have partnered with us, allowing us to collect food, cash and miscellaneous donations in front of, and sometimes inside, their stores. We are a public charity, not a government welfare program, and we depend on donations from community members and businesses. We give assistance to individuals based on a true need, as donations will allow, usually a maximum of twice a year.  We do qualify those requesting assistance and reserve the right to deny services to those already receiving sufficient amounts of aid and those seeking to defraud SAVE Protect Foundation. We, also, deliver food to veterans' centers, senior centers, food pantries, backpack programs, and other charitable organizations.  So if you see us at Safeway or WalMart, please make a donation of cash, food, or basic necessities.

We focus on helping disabled veterans and their families year-round, but we do help others, such as veterans in need at Richard's Crossing veterans' housing.  We help housebound elderly, who find it difficult to even get out to get food, and we help families and individuals, who have fallen on hard times, due to extenuating circumstances, or are victims of violence.  This is a "hand up" to help them weather the storm, not a handout.  The people we, typically, help are disabled veterans, veterans in need, housebound elderly, those who have just fallen on hard times and are not receiving government assistance, at that point. Examples of these are: a single mother who just lost her job and does not yet receive food stamps, a father who just purchased a house and was laid off, a mother in the hospital for an extended period of time with surgical complications and five children at home, and a family evicted from their apartment. We expect those we help to do their best to improve their circumstances, if able, and we receive great joy in hearing their stories of how their lives improve. Once a year, we now are helping the family of a child with cancer.  We accept donations of food, toiletries, pots & pans, dishes, clothing, furniture, appliances, and cash. You can donate online on this website, or contact us at 775-881-8207 to arrange for local northwestern Nevada or northeastern California donation pick up or ship to the address on our contact page.

We stand with and support other organizations and programs, such as Reno Sparks Gospel Mission, Ron Wood Center, Capitol City Loans Community Outreach, The Daily Bread, Richard's Crossing, various senior centers, CAAW (Committee to Aid Abused Women), Firefighters Community Assistance Program, Boys and Girls Club, School Safe House, and Safe Place.

Thank you so much for your support in the fight against hunger and violence. All donations are tax deductible;


​                                                 SAVE Protect Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity EIN #46-2355405.

Disabled veterans are the focus of most of our food drives. We provide food, clothing, and basic needs to amazing war heroes, who have sacrificed so much for us and this country.  We never want them to be forgotten.

Our ongoing Take Care of Our Own program is a way to help veterans and other community members in desperate situations. We deliver large amounts of food, usually several weeks' worth, and basic needs for those who are suffering, due to extenuating circumstances.

    Please  Help  Disabled & Struggling

Veterans and  Their Families:



SAVE Protect Foundation's goal is to make our world a better place by helping communities help people in their own neighborhood.  Disabled veterans have sacrificed so much for us.  Please help SAVE Protect help the veterans in need.  They deserve it.

Part of our Take Care of Our Own program is our Disaster Relief program, where we provide food, clothing, furniture and basic needs to those affected by natural disasters, such as the recent floods, where people have been displaced from their homes. We help individuals and organizations.

Our Summer Food Rescue provides food during the school's summer break for children whose only meals are, usually, eaten at school. We focus on healthy "kid-friendly" foods, where a child can make his/her own meal if no adult is able or available to. We partner with Safeway's Feed the Need ​program, collecting donations for the $10 Hunger Bags, and we receive the food from Hunger Bags from two Safeway stores.

Providing basic needs for many individuals, not only helps prevent hunger, but helps prevent theft and violent crimes by those who are hungry and desperate, making our society and communities safer.

                   Please help by making a tax-deductible donation by PayPal or credit card.  CLICK  on the secure Donate ​button.

Please mark the ​"Make This Recurring (Monthly)" box if you wish to make this a monthly donation.  ​Thank you so much for your help!  

Business or personal checks are accepted and must  be made out to SAVE Protect Foundation ​and mailed to the office address on our contact page.

​Please send us a note on our contact page if you'd like to help veterans in a specific area