​March 2013 - SAVE Protect Foundation is established

June 2013 - Working in partnership with Reno Firefighters Association and San Francisco 49ers, SAVE Protect sponsors Join Our Heroes in the fight against violence, ​a charity basketball game, 49ers vs firefighters.

Summer 2013 ​- SAVE Protect partners with WalMart to help victims of violence.

Christmas 2013​ - Observing many in need in the general public, SAVE Protect undertakes the first Gifts of Love​ program, providing Christmas help for those who, otherwise, would not be able to provide Christmas trees, food, or gifts for their families. 

January 2014 - SAVE Protect launches the Take Care of our Own ​program to help families in need year round, partnering with Safeway and WalMart.

January 2015 - SAVE Protect begins to focus on helping disable veterans and their families, as well as housebound elderly.

Each community supports SAVE Protect programs in its own area.

Mission + Vision


​Lisa R. Larkins Board Secretary/COO

To make a tax-deductible donation by PayPal or credit card,  CLICK  on the Donate ​button.   ​Please mark the ​"Make This Recurring (Monthly)" box if you wish to make this a monthly donation.  ​Thank you so much for your help!

Business or personal checks are accepted and must  be made out to SAVE Protect Foundation ​and mailed to the office address on our contact page.



Susan Kasten is the Treasurer of the Board and Manager of SAVE Protect Foundation .  She is responsible for making sure donations are properly accounted for and distributed in compliance with all laws and regulations.  Susan is indispensable to the organization.  She oversees all inventory, distribution, and scheduling of food drives.  You'll see Susan talking to businesses, picking up donations, manning SAVE Protect food drives, making deliveries to senior centers, other charitable organizations and, directly, to the homes of those in need.  She finds it very fulfilling to see the joy and gratitude she brings to those she helps through SAVE Protect Foundation, 

​Susan Y. Kasten Board Treasurer/Manager

"I'm overwhelmed by the number of people and businesses who've donated money, food, clothing, furniture, cars and whatever we've needed to help people in their communities,  When we started SAVE Protect, we had no idea people would be so good-hearted and giving.


Thank you to everyone who's helped us make life better for those in need!"


Mr. Johnny Larkins

​Lisa Larkins is the Chief Operations Officer and Secretary of the Board of SAVE Protect Foundation.  She is, also, Johnny's wife.  She is usually behind the scenes assuring that the foundation is in compliance with all laws, determining qualifications of applicants by phone, and developing the company website, marketing, and all official SAVE Protect literature.  She, also, is very hands on with preparing clothing, gifts and special items for delivery.  Lisa loves being able to help people, as she hears about a lot of tragedy.  You may not see her often, but you surely will see her handiwork whenever you see SAVE Protect Foundation. 

Find out what drives us to do what we do.


Johnny Larkins is the President and Chief Executive Officer of SAVE Protect Foundation.  Johnny is very hands on, and gives everything he has to give, physically and emotionally, to help people in need.  You'll see him anywhere, from meeting with heads of corporations to speaking to local groups to stopping by to visit with local store managers to speaking with homeless people on the streets.  He will, frequently, be standing in front of a store for a local food drive, and very often, he'll be out delivering boxes of food to the hungry.

Johnny L. Larkins President/CEO

It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.

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